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Saigon fans know that the veteran rapper has a wide range of styles he’s employed over the years. The Love & Hip Hop star drops somber visuals for a track off his third studio album, “My Mama Thinks I’m Crazy.”

Saigon’s latest album, G.S.N.T. 3: The Troubled Times Of Brian Carenard, hit the shelves at the end of September after a single roll out. “My Mama Thinks I’m Crazy” is produced by Clev Trev and features New York funk-pop band Curbside Hustle. While the moody production and wailing vocalists have arresting qualities, it’s the visuals that will turn heads.

Saigon plays the role of a big time drug dealer who experiences a mighty fall from grace. Saigon’s fate ends with the dope boy becoming a homeless junkie living in a box on the street. Cuts of a woman distraught by the plight of her son add to the drama. The video might manage to hold attention but it seems to clash with Saigon’s usual element. Still, it’s interesting to watch rappers attempt some creativity these days.

Watch Saigon’s latest video, “My Mama Thinks I’m Crazy” below.


Photo: WSHH