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Fact-checking is a lost art these days, especially when a story is so good, it would be perceived as a letdown if it was proven false.

Erica Mena is learning the hard way after she landed on the losing end of an unfounded rumor that she had been with 324 men (the terms of being Bow Wow being included or being #325 was not disclosed in the tall tale). The fictions body count number was said to be pulled from her 2013 book, Underneath It All: Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette, but Hip-Hop Wired can confirm nothing of the sort is present in the biography. The gossip news even overshadowed Bow Wow’s announcement that the couple had a wedding date set in stone of April 2015.

As Black Twitter launched into open season against Mena, comedian Tony Rock (brother of Chris) became the most visible voice of slander after he came late to the party with the news 106 & Park was being removed from air.

“106 and Park cancelled. Is the Bow Wow/Erica Mena wedding still on?” he asked. “I ain’t even hatin on Bow Wow. Every n***a falls in love with a full blown whore once in his life.” It was a low blow that garnered plenty of retweets and favorites and wasn’t about to be left unpunished by the offended rapper/actor. “I’ll have a talk w/ you when I see you cuz. Face to face,” Shad Moss quickly replied.

Although Moss proved chivalry wasn’t dead, Black Twitter proved they didn’t care and redirected their slander towards him. For what it’s worth, Mena did a terrible job at debunking the rumors, attempting to divert the attention to the set of her fiancé’s new CBS show, CSI: Cyber. Moss already tried that trick and it proved to be an act in futility.

As you can see above, those were the tweets that sparked the ordeal. Continue on through the gallery to see rest of the comedy that was created as a result.

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