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We love it when our French friends take our American pop culture and recreate it with unexpected parallel universe.

Photographer Sacha Goldberger outshone the competition at a cosplay exhibit last week in Grand Palais in Paris, The Escapist discovered. Titling his unique display Super Flamands à la School Gallery, Goldberger transformed popular superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Superman alongside Star Wars’ Darth Vader, Princess Leia and R2D2 among others to really make his exhibit an instant eyecatcher.

Most of the characters capture the Renaissance Era splendidly by wearing ruffs from 16th century Western Europe and thick, velvet embroidered costumes and floor-length dresses (obviously for the females).

Flip through the gallery below to see how your favorite superheroes would have looked had they faced evil knights of the round table. All the people photographed in the Star Wars and superhero renaissance cosplay are models, but many bear an uncanny resemblance to the actors who made the characters famous in movies.

Photos: Facebook/Sacha Goldberger

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