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In more Bill Cosby alleged sexual predatory news, two ladies with stripes in the entertainment biz are stepping forward with more allegations that continue to paint the once beloved TV show dad as a creepy uncle who can’t be left alone.

The first new accusation comes from tenured actress Michelle Hurd, who’s credits include being a regular on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She shared her personal “Cosby mystery” via her Facebook page.

LOOK, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I can’t believe some of the things i’ve been reading, SO here is MY personal experience:

I did stand-in work on The Cosby show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me. It started innocently, lunch in his dressing room, daily, then onto weird acting exercises were he would move his hands up and down my body, (can’t believe I fell for that) I was instructed to NEVER tell anyone what we did together, (he said other actors would become jealous) and then fortunately, I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened. At that point my own red flags went off and I told him,

“No, I’ll just come to work tomorrow with my hair straightened”.

I then started to take notice and found another actress, a stand-in as well, and we started talking….. A LOT …. turns out he was doing the same thing to her, almost by the numbers, BUT, she did go to his house and because I will not name her, and it is her story to tell, all I’ll say is she awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there’s a cab waiting for you outside.

I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to lie or make up this up!

Anyone that knows me, knows that!

Now you have a first hand account of my experience with Mr. Cosby.

Off you go…

Next up we have former 1970s Playboy Bunny Sarita Butterfield, who sat down with the NYDailyNews to recall an alleged incident when Cosby made a highly inappropriate go at her while his family was at home following a Christmas Eve dinner.

“He pinned me against the corner in that guest house,” Butterfield told the Daily News about the Dec. 24, 1974, incident. “I said, ‘Your family’s here! What are doing?’ That didn’t faze him.” “He was aggressive,” recalled Butterfield. “He didn’t rape me and he didn’t drug me, but he cornered me. It was so nasty, trying to get a quick kiss and touch my boobs.”

Cosby and his legal team still continue to vehemently deny that the mounting allegations have any validity.

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