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Last Sunday, November 22, the worst possible police scenario occurred when a first-year cop gunned down a 12-year-old boy named Tamir Rice after he was seen with a toy firearm.

The unfortunate incident happened at Cudell Recreation Center on the city’s west side after an unidentified man phoned 911 to report Tamir with the airsoft gun, even assuming it was a fake.

Now the Cleveland Police Department has released the video of the shooting, most likely because it is difficult to make out the chain of events through the granular, sepia colored clip.

“The release of this video is no means is an effort to try to explain the actions of the division of the police or of the young man,” Deputy Chief Ed Tomba explained as he gave a step-by-step narrative for the press. “We are honoring the wishes of the family in releasing this and also in the spirit of being open and fair with our community.”

Naturally, Tomba is well aware of the turmoil in Ferguson, which largely was catapulted from the city’s inhabitants lack of trust towards their local law enforcement. A series of riots in Cleveland would just further the notion that the Midwest is being underserved in the justice department.

Watch the short version of the Tamir Rice shooting below and hit the flip for the entire presentation from Tomba.

Via Breaking911

Photo: Family Handout

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