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Malia Obama and her younger sister recently got scolded by a GOP White House staffer for not being enthused during their father’s presidential pardon, but that there is nonissue amongst the young people of the United States.

Around the teenage years, these little intangibles such as hormones and puberty begin to take ahold of a human being’s mind and it becomes the primary cause for living.

The First Family spent the waning hours of their Thanksgiving holiday visiting D.C.’s National Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian when the thirstbuckets made young Malia Obama’s casual behavior a trending topic story.

A shot of her entering and exiting the Secret Service vehicle caused Twitter to lose their marbles–and morals after taking a glance at her 16-year-old backside. We’d like to tell you that all the males–and females gawking at Malia were around her age, but all the open vows to put her in a mental spank bank until she became legal tells us otherwise.

Check out some of the most outrageous reactions to the video above. If they had been celebrities, they may have made a serious attempt at wooing her from her presidential Pops.

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