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Charles Barkley is a professional basketball analyst last we checked, but that won’t stop the former NBA great from offering his strong opinions on issues outside his wheelhouse. The outspoken Barkley supported the recent grand jury decision regarding Darren Wilson and his shooting case, stating that lack of indictment was the right move.

Barkley was a guest on Philadelphia station 97.5’s The Fanatic offering his usual spiel on all things sports and culture. About five minutes into the program, Barkley spoke to criticism he faced over his recent quip about “unintelligent” Black people and the commotion it caused. But then, Barkley launched into a rant on the protests in Ferguson, Mo. in light of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson.

Barkley admits that he had yet to read the full grand jury decision, and was relying on secondhand information regarding Black witnesses saying Michael “Mike” Brown did charge at Wilson. Barkley continued saying that these same witnesses saw Brown and Wilson scuffling inside the squad car and heard a pair of gun shots.

Even more puzzling is Barkley saying the “true story” came out during the grand jury discussions, sharing this sentiment while still having not read any deeper details of the case. Contradicting himself once more, Barkley said that he was to be a “responsible person” and read the case details when time permits yet remaining firm in his stance that Wilson did nothing wrong.

Right. We’re confused as well.

Check out the interview on 97.5’s The Fanatic. To hear Barkley’s thoughts on the Darren Wilson matter, move the cursor to the five minute mark.


Photo: WENN