Earlier in the week, it was revealed that a lot of grown ass males didn’t seem to mind that President Obama’s 16-year-old daughter was off-limits by law.

While nearly all of the potential predators were made up of random Twitter users, Arizona Cardinals All-Pro linebacker Darnell Dockett also found himself sharing a photo of underage Malia Obama to pay homage to her gluteus maximus.

Via theGrio:

The Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett isn’t laughing now after receiving backlash for posting a photo of 16-year-old Malia Obama’s backside on Instagram with disturbing comments. The photo was originally posted by a user with the handle “dreday_4″ with the caption, “When is her prom?”

The 33-year-old Dockett apparently thought this was funny and left an “Omgggg” comment on that photo before he decided to post the photo on his own Instagram account. On his repost, he left the original caption and added, “Lmfaooo,” which stands for “laughing my f*****g a** off.” This drew swift criticism, and the NFLer deleted the photo.


He’s also co-signing this video of a baby doing some provocative dancing so maybe we’re on to something here?

Dockett is also apparently really loose with his social media thoughts. Scroll through the pages below to see his recent live tweeting session from jury duty where he shares information about the case and orders a pizza.

Photo: Game Day Nation/Instagram

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