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“I know he don’t have any money, or the kind of money that I’m gonna have…”

The original Rick Ross is still making his opinion known about the Florida rapper that donned his name, letting everyone know that his nemesis is running low on cash and will continue to do so after he settles the lawsuit against him.

As previously reported Freeway Ricky filed a lawsuit demanding that the rapper and Universal Records drop the Rick Ross moniker and instead use his real name, William Roberts, on albums.

Speaking further on the impending suit, the former kingpin tells “Tony Scufield & The Morning Riot” of WGCI that he deals with confusion around his name on a regular which prompted him to pursue legal action.

“If someone stole your car and you saw them riding around in it every day would you not want it back?  I go places and people think that I’m him and I don’t really get offended by it but I don’t feel like I should have to explain who I am…I’m just asking him and Universal to stop using it.”

He also adds that the lawsuit would undoubtedly break Ross’ pockets which is why he targeted his label home at Universal Records instead.

“I know he don’t have any money, or the kind of money that I’m gonna have… Universal is the one that I really have my gripe with. They’re the company, they know better.”

Unbeknownst to many a movie about Freeway’s life and infamous incarceration is set to go into production at the hands of Nick Cassavettes, the director of the movie “Blow.”

The original Ross tells WGCI that he has a few ideas of who he’d like to play him in the film but needs his fans to log onto his website to help.

“Don Cheadle’s getting a lot of votes….So many of my friends are coming at me for that role, Flavor Flav asked me to let him have it….Log on to and let me know.”