When “enemies” are praising one another, it must mean be a good sign of things to come as Fat Joe weighs in on the recently leaked Eminem album Recovery.

Even having his constant beef with 50 Cent, Crack just can’t deny a great product, which Shady definitely delivered.

If Ja Rule gives his two cents on the album and gives it credit, it might just be something that EVERYBODY needs to buy.

During an interview with XXL, the rapper elaborated on his reaction towards Marshall’s latest musical offering.

“I thought I wasn’t gonna like it, cause N***as was sayin’, Yo, it’s rock, and this and that.”

Taking someone else’s word and actually hearing it for one’s self is two completely different things as his perception drastically shifted once he tried it out himself.

“But that Shyte was hard. I was expecting just more regular hip-hop type Isht. You know what I’m sayin’? It was more like Just Blaze-[produced] rock Isht…I like that Shyte. A lot. I can’t lie to you.”

Making his inner demons and struggles public domain, Joe thinks that Recovery truly shows Em back to when he actually enjoyed the rap game.

“For real. I think lyrically, he’s back to where he was. That’s what I got from the album.”

Recovery folks, in stores June 22.

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