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On December 27, 1999, a then 19-year-old Shyne saw his life altered and subsequently, ruined when he was the catalyst behind a New York club shooting that left a woman shot in the face and him serving a full eight years in Clinton Correctional Facility.

That woman, Natania Reuben, never really saw her side of the story being widespread in the mainstream media. So when UpNorthTrips posted the NYDailyNews cover story that painted Jennifer Lopez as the victim on yesterday’s 15th anniversary, Reuben was understandably feeling some kind of way’s.

“I AM THE WOMAN WHO WAS SHOT IN THE FACE,” she replied to a fellow Instagram user in the UpNorthTrips comment section. “THE MOST SERIOUSLY INJURED PERSON. I have suffered a great deal of PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL PAIN behind this FOOLISH DISPLAY OF EGO AND INSECURITY. God bless the others who shared in and survived this tragedy with me. I lay here in bed thanking God for sparing me in spite of all the tribulations. Feeling at peace. Only to see @upnorthtrips displaying sympathy for celebrities who played THE INSTRUMENTAL ROLL IN MY INJURY AND PAIN. WAY to go @upnorthtrips,” she continued with a series of sarcastic emojois.

Puff Daddy, who was dating Lopez at the time, was also charged but thanks to the services of Johnny Cochran, he was able to be acquitted of all wrongdoing.

Peep the rest of Reuben’s lament over the situation on Instagram on the next pages, where she reveals that she was actually close to Shyne years prior to the unfortunate incident.

H/T: Complex

Photo: Fashion TV/Instagram/Ms. Ebonay

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