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The Wire has become a pop culture phenomenon, an amazing feat considering the HBO crime show didn’t pull in big numbers when it aired. The tense drama that took place on the mean streets of Baltimore gave rise to a collection of characters that fans of the show still debate over to this day.

The Wire debuted in June of 2002, introducing one of the show’s main characters in Baltimore Police Department detective Jimmy McNulty. For five seasons, the show centered around a series of themes that went beyond the shoot-em-up affairs of the drug corners and the cops trying to take down big-time dealers.

For most, the biggest draws of The Wire was its ability to develop each character and make them part of the fast-moving story. Despite how large the cast of the show was, fans still found ways to attach themselves to certain personalities of the show for their own reasons.

Hip-Hop Wired presents this definitive list of the greatest characters from The Wire. Let us know your thoughts, including the ranks and anyone we missed, in the comments section.

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