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As if rumors of rats in chinese food didn’t lean closer to facts than urban legend, a top distributor for New York City has just been busted for housing a huge rat kingdom.

Via Gothamist:

A local Chinese food distributor wins for most stomach-churning health inspection of the year—yes, worse than the dead mouse cesspool. The Daily Finance brings to our attention to a warning letter from the FDA to the owner of New Yung Wah Trading Company in East Williamsburg about the horrific conditions observed inside their facility in Pennsylvania—namely, the breathtaking rat infestation discovered by inspectors. The facility services Chinese restaurants in NYC; prepare to never eat again.

Investigators found “an apparent active rodent nest containing multiple rodents…in a plastic lined box containing thawing rib meat,” which was also being stored on top of a cardboard container of melons. They were drawn to a carton of pineapples by gnaw marks on the cardboard; inside, they found rat poop and “nesting material.” In addition to multiple rodent carcasses found inside the facility on several occasions, investigators also observed “birds…flying through the facility and landing and defecating on stored food products.”

The plant was cited for a host of other violations including storing (ineffectual!) rodenticide near food; standing water inside coolers; “possible rodent urine stains on the paper bags of monosodium glutamate;” and employees smoking while handling food products. After the December 9th letter, the facility had 15 working days to prove they’re taking steps to, ya know, not have rats running rampant through the MSG.

That being said, if you live in the neighboring area, tell a friend to tell a friend that their may be rats in Chinese food that they’re eating.

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