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Kendrick Lamar defended Iggy Azalea and said Black people should be accountable for their own actions when asked about Ferguson in one fell swoop in Billboard‘s recent cover story. Bad decision. That’s essentially a recipe for slander on the Internets, and Compton’s resident good kid is feeling the web community’s wrath.

Tweeters have stepped onto their respective soapboxes with messages ranging from slanderous retorts to essentially stripping Lamar of his “golden child” title in exchange for an “Uncle Tom” tag. Ouch.

Putting my K. Dot stan status aside, the collective angst towards his views on Ferguson is justifiable, because quite frankly, accountability for actions and behaviors in the Black community is a needed, but very different conversation from how minorities are treated by police.

To me, the Iggy statement seemed more like a well-played answer and a display of media training.

Nevertheless, read what Twitter had to say about Kendrick Lamar’s commentary after the jump.

Photo: Comedy Central

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