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Black Dynamite, the Adult Swim series based on the 2009 film of the same name, just concluded its second season on Saturday (Jan. 10). In the season finale, Odd Future‘s Tyler, The Creator and songstress Erykah Badu lend their voices to the blaxploitation cartoon.

The episode title, “The Wizard of Watts” or “Oz Ain’t Got S&@# On The Wiz,” is essentially a hour-long musical styled to spoof the 1978 classic film, The Wiz. The plot is fairly straight-forward: Black Dynamite gets injured during a riot and is sent to a make-believe land called Oz-Watts.

In this world, everyone leans on the Black Dynamite for assistance. He encounters Scarecorn, Lionhorn, and Time Bee, and then has to take on a villain known as the Pig Chief. As with The Wiz and The Wizard Of Oz, our hero has to reach a mystical figure or never make it back home.

Tyler, The Creator voices a character known as Broto. Erykah Badu plays the role of Hoe Crows. The musical focuses on the timely issue of police brutality, but we won’t spoil it much further for you.

You can check out the full episode on Adult Swim’s website (provided you have a cable subscription). Additionally, you can also peep the trailer below.

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Photo: Adult Swim/Black Dynamite