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Swedish band Little Dragon  has been rocking their unique brand of electronic music since their 2007 debut. Now, the group’s fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband, gets the “chopped and screwed” treatment by one of the originators of the Houston-born art form, OG Ron C.

Little Dragon is still riding the wave of Nabuma Rubberband, which was recently nominated for a Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy award. OG Ron C is joined by fellow Chopstars compatriot, DJ Candlestick for their “ChopNotSlop” remix and the expected title, Nabuma Purple Rubberband. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim is hosting the ChopNotSlop project, which went live earlier today.

More from Adult Swim’s press release:

Today, Adult Swim and Little Dragon are proud to present a ChopNotSlop remix album by Chopstar’s OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick. Being fans of the original album, the legendary Chopstars DJ’s gave Nabuma Rubberband the Houston “Chopped N’ Screwed” remix treatment, which was made famous by the late DJ Screw. Nabuma Purple Rubberband is available now via the Adult Swim website for stream and free download.

According to Wikipedia, ChopNotSlop is a subgenre of the original Chopped And Screwed style. OG Ron C is credited with creating the offshoot, but gives credit to DJ Screw’s originating style. OG Ron C applied the technique to Drake’s Take Care album.

The album can be streamed and downloaded by following this link.

Info on Little Dragon’s original album can be found here.

Photo: Adult Swim