HHW: Since you’re on probation, do you think being mandated to stay in Pittsburgh has hindered your progression?

Hardo: I have 10 months left. It’s putting sh*t on hold. If I could move around, things would be a lot bigger right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city. But I did a lot of wrong here; I have the city behind, but the people who run the city are the police, and I don’t have them in my corner.

It’s kind of like what’s happening with Meek [Mill]. You have someone who’s made it out and whats to do the right thing. An artist travels to make money. Who wants to put a hold on that? They blame us when someone sells drugs, but it’s the same system that won’t let you travel to get a check.

When I get moving, things will get way bigger and way better

HHW: That said, do you plan to wait until your probation is up to drop Trapnati or will it release soon?

Hardo: I’m gonna drop it soon, I believe. I’m thinking within the next 60 days.

It ain’t gonna stop, because I’m gonna work the Internet. They make it hard for us, but we always find a ways to make it work. The limitations expands our brains and thinking process. It ain’t too much that can stop me. The only person that can stop me is me.

HHW: Do you think that the police will stop harassing young Black men who are trying to make positive changes in their lives?

Hardo: It goes both ways, you feel me? We as Black people do what we do, so I can’t all the way blame police for what they think and feel.

It’s like if you go on the corner and you see a drug fiend, that’s what you take that person as. If these people over here are labeled rapist, that’s what you judge those people as. If a lot of us are committing crimes like robberies, and selling drugs, I can understand their thoughts about us with the job they have.

It’s going to take us as people to make necessary changes. But on the same token, police do wrong too. There’s a lot of sh*t I see and say “That cop had no right in hell to do what he did.”

It doesn’t just happen to us. There’s a lot of white people and other races in jail too. From my understanding, there’s more whites on death row than Blacks.

HHW: What do you see for yourself in 2015?

Hardo: I think it’s going to be a big year. I see myself making a big impact independently, and in that case I won’t be on a major, or I’ll be on a major. I may even win an award if things go as planned.

I’m off parole in October, but by the summer I’ll be in a better situation.



“Cut Throat”


“Ghost of Trish” ft. Deezlee

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