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A new study is showing what many people have speculated for years, that some men are natural born cheaters.

Scientists in Sweden concluded a study that suggests that some men may be born with a “cheating gene” that makes them less likely to be married and more likely to have bad relationships.

Marriage and relationship expert Dr. Brenda Wade tells WKYC that she agrees with the study but thinks there’s still hope for those genetically programmed to stray.

“There’s a gene that’s been shown, that if men have this particular gene or a variant of the gene, they have more trouble in relationships….I say to men who have problems with cheating number one you must answer the question: Where did you learn cheating behavior.”

According to the study, the brain can be programmed to resist temptation and those born with the gene just have to make sure they work harder.

“The key is recognizing the unlimited potential that we have to make our selves who we want to be.”

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