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Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle is pushing his luck when it comes to being in the good graces of the NFL. After being stopped shoplifting Gucci cologne and Polo underwear from a Texas shopping mall last October, he did himself no favors by arguing with his baby mama at a Wichita, Kansas hotel at 3 a.m. Did we mention cops found marijuana in the room?

According to Kake, police officer rushed to the scene in response to a domestic violence call where Randle and the 22-year-old mother of his child were having a loud dispute and that’s where they found the actually loud.

Randle’s agent, Erik Burkhardt tried to dispel the notion that his client had been arrested since he hadn’t been taken into custody, tweeting: “Joseph Randle was NOT arrested. He was cited with a ticket, and the police officer then left his hotel room. There was zero “violence” of any kind, domestic or otherwise. He was asking three people to exit his room who didn’t want to leave. It was loud. Cops were called. Ticket issued. People and officer left. He went to bed.”

However, the Wichita Police Department offered up a rebuttal in a statement saying, “Recently some questions have been raised about the difference between a Notice to Appear (NTA) and an arrest. An NTA is basically a citation for a misdemeanor crime. It is technically an arrest and an arrest report is filled out but the person isn’t booked into jail. The person is released with an agreement to appear for a set court date. This helps reduce overcrowding and jail expenses. It is common practice for certain non-violent misdemeanor crimes such as shoplifting and possession of marijuana.”

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