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The news of the Jackie Robinson team being stripped of their Little League World Series title over alleged residential violation is heartbreaking for many. Especially when you consider the desolate conditions in Chicago and the youth having very few opportunities to successfully out of trouble.

Twista loves the Chi–and the kids and he gave TMZ a piece of his mind when it comes to the controversial decision.

Chicago hip-hop legend Twista tells TMZ Sports the decision to strip Jackie Robinson West of their U.S. LLWS title wasn’t about following rules and ALL about one thing … racism.

Team J.R.W. became the darlings of the 2014 Little League World Series, becoming the first all-black squad to take the U.S. crown … earning them instant celebrity status and even a visit with President Obama.

When it was announced earlier Wednesday that the tykes had been stripped of their title due to a falsified boundary map, some people called B.S. … including Twista.

We spoke to Twista — one of the most celebrated rappers from the Windy City — and he tells us that he thinks the whole thing was totally about discrediting an all-black team.

“I’m outraged. You don’t see this extensive of an investigation happen unless it happens to black people.”

Twista also says that there’s a legit reason why some of the boys traveled out of district and that the higher-ups at Little League headquarters just don’t care.

“There was a park in the Dolton area that got torn down, that made the kids have to even play at Jackie Robinson. No one pays attention to what they have to go through to play baseball.”

He didn’t stop there … Twista essentially says America is still uncomfortable with a group of black kids succeeding in the country’s celebrated pastime.

“It’s the friendly game of baseball … no one is comfortable when a group like them does something positive in that. They rush to tear them down.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been actively campaigning for the committee to reverse the decision and punish the adults who acted unjustly. Time will only tell if that will happen.

Photo: TMZ