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Last autumn, T.I. told The Breakfast Club that his felt his ninth studio album (first under Columbia Records), Paperwork: The Motion Picture, was just as well-received as his 2008 magnum opus, Paper Trail. Alas, there are several parties who refute that claim. Most notably, his longtime collaborator DJ Toomp. In a recent sitdown with DJ Smallz, the Grammy Award-winning producer born Aldrin Davis gave his honest opinion on one of Tip’s lowest selling LPs to date.

Toomp only scored a couple of tracks on the album and was stunted as executive producer by Pharrell himself, but those little bullet points didn’t illicit any ill will for the Atlanta composer. Instead, he’s outlining the bigger picture on the album’s creative process and how release dates can be restrictive.

“Sometimes it’s just best to do what you do, but when you try to put a theme or a concept…’see I’m gonna do this and then it’s gonna come out like that’,” he envisioned the studio scenario. “No! Record a great album and build a movie around that. Don’t have the movie concept and build music around that, ‘cuz it’s gonna come out different.”

With a due respect to The Kang, Toomp’s opinions may be valid as his discog credentials. The Iggy Azalea-featured “No Mediocre” felt more like a radio grab than album puzzle piece and as entertaining as the visuals were for songs such as “G Sh*t,” they didn’t exactly transcend through the audio side of the record. After careful deliberation, Paperwork was eventually left off Hip-Hop Wired’s Best Albums of 2014, and while its statistics never have equated to an album’s merit, the project marks the first time in seven albums Tip hasn’t went gold.

“I wasn’t too pleased [with Paperwork],” he continued. He also admitted that there were a few Pharrell/Tip collaborations he didn’t feel were up to snuff and that the new record label may have not fully adjusted to marketing the rap star.

At any rate, the interview was meant to be informative opposed to slanderous. Peep DJ Toomp tell it like is in the video below.

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