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Jay-Z is being sued.

You’d think that with the amount of money Jay- Z and his girl Bey make together that this story would not even be making its way around the internet but according to TMZ Jay- Z has been sued for not paying his $250,000 jet bill.

The Air Platinum Holding claims that Jay-Z flew 18 hours back in 2009 at a cost of $4,500 per hour, which equals up to $81,000.

But Air Platinum is not done. They are also suing him for the catering of the 17 domestic flights that he was on which equals to $8,500 and also the catering for 4 international flights totaling up to $3,000, international fees totaling up to $12,285 including taxes.

Platinum also is making Jay- Z pay another $24,000 dollars for a luxury trip to England.

All of this totals up to $137,485.00 plus another $100,000 in damage.

Air Platinum was a company based out of Miami and was owned by Mickael Cohen who offered celebrities luxury services.

For $163,000 a customer could receive up to 15 hours of fight along with bringing up to 14 people.

However the company collapsed after dealing with some lawsuits which resulted in Cohen losing over $1.9 million dollars.

Which could be a reason why they are now trying to sue Jay-Z.