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Well it appears that boredom has beset Kim Kardashian into having a chance encounter with a bottle of peroxide.

As she and her husband Kanye West gallivanted around Paris as they headed towards the Balmain Fashion Show, the pesky paparazzi snapped Kardashian as she made sure to show off her new platinum blonde hairstyle for the cameras. Of course, the Internets had fun with this one, mainly likening her to Harry Potter characters.

Although passionate Kardashian stans took to Twitter to express their disdain for the new look, Kanye stood confidently right by her side. In his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he defended his wife’s right to get naked as many times as she pleased. It’s doubtful a little color change made him bat an eyelash.

Regardless, take a look at the comedy the Kim Kardashian platinum blonde hair has spawned.

Photos: Twitter, WENN

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