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Although the Harry Potter series came to a bittersweet end for fans of the boy wizard, the Internets and its general lack of chill has made good references of the iconic character of late. Don’t think we forgot what poor Kim Kardashian had to endure last week. But we think this latest incarnation of young Mr. Potter is one of the best yet.

Earlier today, Vine user Cruise Da F*ckboi contradicts his slanderous user name and gives us all the online gem we’ve needed tonight. Essentially, it’s a Vine of images of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe in various states of glee. The caption, which we won’t ruin, is what makes the Vine so classic and the use of the Jamaican dancehall airhorns also don’t hurt. We dare you to watch this Vine and not start cracking up.

It’s definitely moving units online too, as #ghettoharrypotter has been trending on Twitter for the better part of the evening. Look, after a hard day at work, laughter might be the medicine you need.

But enough yakking from us. Hit the flip and try to stifle a chuckle. We dare you.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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