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When the spotlight comes in your direction, it is crucial that every moment be capitalized before those 15 minutes of fame are finally over.

For Tahiry, whose fire has essentially fizzled, the former girlfriend of Joe Budden just hasn’t really gotten the hint that her time might be up.

Under the belief that aligning herself with 50 Cent would lead her to greener pastures in life, this is what she has resorted herself to in order to receive some attention.

WORD?!?!…Couldn’t come up with ANYTHING better to show as your life?

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So, in the end, who ACTUALLY brought the most interest, was it Joe Budden and his off the wall personality, or Tahiry’s ASSets that kept the viewer glued?

Even better, maybe it was only the combination of the two that made their REALity worth watching.

“How the F-CK could you abandon me

with 5 years of blood sweat and tears

but there was obviously a disconnect

we turned that into a disrespect

says she been holding it inside for years she’s unhappy

so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tell me

so I went away on tour

and you went on one of your own.”

Joe Budden (My Downfall)