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There’s now an IPhone App to help with erectile dysfunction.

The coined phrase by Apple, “There’s an App for that” has reached new found heights with their latest application.

This new application promises to enhance your sex drive and cure erectile dysfunction. Pause!

Fire Up Your Sex Drive guarantees results that will vastly improve one’s male power.

Users of this app simply need to listen to the audio for 6 minutes every day, and after 20 days your male sexuality will be enhanced by more than 85%—that’s Viagra numbers!

Fire Up You Sex Drive says that its app emits “a kind of high frequency alpha wave to synchronize with your brain wave” which could stimulate the male brain and produce some male sex hormone.

This application seems like it’s missing its target demographic considering most men that are battling this “dysfunction” may be a little too old to have fallen into the iphone craze.

Nevertheless, there is literally and app for everything now!

And it’s starting to get a little weird…