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A new finding from Capital New York appears to show that the NYPD couldn’t leave well enough alone after getting off scot-free for the murders of Eric Garner and Sean Bell.

They are being accused of editing their Wikipedia pages (along with the bullet-riddled Amadou Diallo) in efforts to make them look better about their past actions.

Computers operating on the New York Police Department’s computer network at its 1 Police Plaza headquarters have been used to alter Wikipedia pages containing details of alleged police brutality, a review by Capital has revealed.

The edits and changes were linked to the NYPD through a series of Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses, which can be publicly tracked by various websites. (Here, for example, is one website that shows a number of IP addresses registered to the NYPD.) IP addresses can locate where a computer is when it connects to the Internet.

Computer users identified by Capital as working on the NYPD headquarters’ network have edited and attempted to delete Wikipedia entries for several well-known victims of police altercations, including entries for Eric Garner, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo. Capital identified 85 NYPD addresses that have edited Wikipedia, although it is unclear how many users were involved, as computers on the NYPD network can operate on the department’s range of IP addresses.

“The matter is under internal review,” NYPD spokeswoman, Detective Cheryl Crispin, wrote in an email to Capital after examples of the changes were presented to the NYPD.

The incident just strengthens Bill Bratton’s point that law enforcement and African-Americans have a historical nightmare.

Photo: Wikipedia