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Tiki Baber, the former New York Giant and NBC correspondent who made headlines for leaving his pregnant wife for an intern is in headlines again, this time for claiming that he’s “too broke” for divorce.

Barber’s wife Ginny filed for divorce from the football star after he was ousted for his affair with NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson.

Following news of the affair, he was terminated from his $300,000 position with the news outlet when his bosses cited a “hidden morality clause” that says employees cannot be involved in public scandals.

Ginny who was eight months pregnant with twins at the time, has been volatile towards her soon-to-be ex and reportedly banned him from the delivery room when she had his two children.

Since his termination Barber is reportedly in financial trouble and insists he’s “broke” for the divorce proceedings.

Tiki and Ginny Barber