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Some Provincetown, Massachusetts parents are outraged now that a school superintendent has announced plans to make condoms available to students as young as those in the first grade.

The decision was made by Superintendent Beth Singer who says that students need to be informed and better prepared.

She tells the Boston Herald,

“They are children. They often act without information – on assumption, things they’ve heard, rumor, myth. I think information is always important for kids.

Singer also adds,

“The school will not honor parents’ requests that their children not receive the prophylactic.”

The new policy will begin in September and students interested in the free condoms will be required to have a “heart-to-heart” with a counselor which will include a talk about abstinence before being given one.

The superintendent was also backed by her Chairman Peter Grosso who told The Herald,

“The thing is, sexual activity starts younger and younger. We don’t know what age that is. So we just said, ‘We’ll make it available to all of them.’ We didn’t want to pick an age, and I really don’t believe we’re going to get first-graders asking for a condom, as a practical matter.”

The new policy reportedly comes from a recommendation by the town’s health advisory committee and the decision was unanimously backed by the school board on June 10th.