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The Nation Of Gods & Earths remember their Founder with “Show & Prove” celebration.

41 years after Allah, The Father’s assassination, his nation still ‘Shows and Proves’!

After amassing major clout in the streets of New York throughout the Black Power-era of the turbulent ‘60s – Allah, The Father – was gunned down during the early morning hours of June 13th 1969, in the elevator at 21 West 112th Street in the Foster Housing Projects, now known as Martin Luther King Jr. Towers, in Harlem.

Although there was an initial arrest made, that man was eventually released and no one was ever convicted for his murder.

Ever since 1971, throughout the second weekend of June, the Harlem community and members of the organization he established – the Nation of Gods & Earths (N.G.E.) a.k.a. The Five Percenters – commemorate his, as well as their own, personal accomplishments at The Allah School In Mecca-Street Academy (2122 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., cor. 126th St.) and The Harriet Tubman Learning Center (250 W127th St.).

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Although he was named Clarence Edward Smith by his parents when he was physically manifested on February 22nd 1928 in Danville, VA, he became known as ‘Put’ to his siblings… “because our mother would constantly tell him ‘Put’ because he wouldn’t stay still and was always touching stuff,” reflected his younger brother A-Allah.  Once he was older, “Put” became known as “Puddin’” due to his smooth rhythmic cadence – it is an attribute which he is sometimes still referred to as today in certain circles.

After joining his wife Dora at the Nation Of Islam’s renowned Temple #7 in 1960, located on the corner of 116th Street & Lenox Ave. – which was then under the tutelage of Minister Malcolm X – he was known as Brother Clarence 13X – being the 13th Clarence to join the NOI.

Being a member of the elite ‘Advanced F.O.I.’-Fruit Of Islam (security for the N.O.I.) he taught others the martial arts he had become so proficient in while overseas in the Korean War.  By 1963 he had mastered his Lessons and his understanding had grown to a higher level, whereas he then announced that he was “Allah”, and comprehended that… “God is in our body: Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head=Allah!” confided First Born Prince-one of the First 9 Born whom Allah specifically chose to help guide other youths about acquiring Knowledge-Of-Self.

He had advanced past most of his colleagues and after having discrepancies with what was taught only in the Temple, Allah and Abu Shahid hit the streets, departing from the NOI’s doctrine and established the Five Percenters, eventually known as the Nation of Gods & Earths by 1967.  And as he recruited many youths who were products of households headed primarily by their mothers, they began calling him “The Father”, due to the fact that he was the main positive male figure in their lives.  “The Father picked us [the First 9 Born] according to how fast we learned our Lessons and how many other youths we taught,” First Born Prince revealed.

Last weekend, in front of the Allah School, one of The Father’s first fruit – Wise Jamel – explained the facts about the vigilante Blood Brothers, who were the predecessors of the 5%ers, and whom Malcolm X also made mention of in his autobiography.  He then began the tour throughout Central Harlem where Allah resided, taught and organized the fatherless youth during the hectic heroin epidemic of the ‘60s.

The elder God began reciting some history while walking uptown on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., then around the corner onto 127th Street.  “This is where Almighty God Allah got shot in the chest in the basement in December of 1964!” Wise explained, as he pointed down to the location where another building once stood.

He continued, describing the events which led to the 1st murder-attempt of Allah, when he was struck down by lead fired from a high-powered elephant gun, after getting in a heated dispute with another man.

Allah soon recovered from his wounds and went on to continue to assist educating the urban youth.  “The Father told us not to do anything to the guy who shot him, he said… ‘The man who shot me will suffer more in living than he will in death!’ and look at him now… he’s a dope fiend with A.I.D.S.  He’s going through it,” First Born Prince once recollected.

The tour then was lead across the street to the St. Nicholas Houses, “This is where some of the Nine First Borns came out of… Black Messiah,” Wise Jamel proclaimed, as he pointed towards the tall brown brick buildings they were approaching.  “Through the Nine First Borns and the teaching’s of Almighty God Allah, we had a lot of brothers and sisters that came out of these projects,” he explained while walking on the black asphalt that leads into the center of the housing development’s maze.

He continued, “This is what we called ‘The Arena’,” pointing to an area which is now surrounded by a fence.  “This is where we had our gatherings [before acquiring the Allah School in 1967] and went through what we had to go through with Old Man Justice,” speaking of Allah’s right hand man.

“The Father left the Mosque at the end of 1963, because he was already teaching [in the streets].  He dropped ‘The Blood Brothers’ and we became ‘The 5%ers’, ‘Allah’s children’, ‘Allah’s 5%!’  We came from all over, but this is the main place he began manifesting!”

They then walked up to Fredrick Douglas Blvd. and stopped in front of Unity Funeral Home where Allah was cremated on June 16th 1969.  Wise Jamel continued narrating the tour stating,

“They said the 5% had the power and influence on the minds of the young, and that’s powerful!  So what does that tell you?  Allah had the power over us.  They thought when they laid our Father down that there wasn’t going to be any more 5%ers!

We fooled them!  We did what we had to do to continue teaching the 85%!  Some of us got killed also, and some of us went to jail… but we didn’t stop teaching!  We kept teaching the babies!  Why?  Because we love this man!  And this is the day we honor him, on June the 13th!”

The tour then was lead around the corner in front of 271 West 126th Street.  “This is the building where a lot of Earths [women] lived at.  The Earths had to wear 3/4ths.  It was mandatory for them to cover themselves.  The thing I loved about the Earths in that day and time is that they stood by their Gods.  Every trial and tribulation a God went through, his Earth was there for him,” Wise Jamel indicated.

“The 5%ers of that day and time were the center of attraction in our communities, yet they feared us because we used to walk in multitudes, and by us moving like that we planted fear in people, but that wasn’t our mission.  We stood together so we could go in the communities and teach knowledge and understanding, which is today!”

They next passed back by the Allah School where he explained how Allah, The Father acquired the building from the city in June of 1967 so he could help educate the youth.  Also, explaining the history of the Universal Flag of the Sun, Moon & Stars which was originally designed by Shamgaud and given to Allah by him.  It was initially painted on the side of the school in the summer of 1998 by Supreme Understanding Allah, Lajik 17 Allah and Malik Allah.

Then on to the Hotel Teresa on 125th Street, where Allah was arrested on May 31st 1965 for unlawful assembly while ‘building’ in a ‘cipher’.  Allah was sent to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation after court officials determined that he was crazy and delusional when he told the judge that he didn’t want a court appointed attorney to represent him because, “I am God!”  Allah wound up spending 18 months in Mattawan Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Next, on to the former location of the historic Temple #7 on 116th Street and Malcolm X Blvd. where he was introduced to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1960.  While Clarence 13X was selling Muhammad Speaks newspapers, he came to the aid of a young brother named Ebeka who was engaged in a heated dispute with another F.O.I.  “He came to my aid,” Ebeka reflected.

The ensuing spot was the lobby of 21 West 112th Street, the location where gunmen pumped 7 out of 8 bullets into Allah as he entered the elevator at approximately 3am on June 13th 1969.  Wise Jamel played detective as he attempted to reenact that fateful morning and speculated how the assassins set up Allah for the cold-blooded kill, and get away.

Finally, on to Marcus Garvey Park (formerly known as Mt. Morris Park), where Allah and Justice initially met.  Additionally it’s also the location of the first Parliament, April 30th 1967, upon Allah returning from Mattawan.  It is also where Allah’s ashes were strewn on June 16th 1969.

Next up, at Harriet Tubman, some featured performances by MCs who not only walk in the name of Allah, but also ‘drop science’ in their art, was displayed for the audiences’ consumption.  In recent years, some legendary artists have graced the stage during the annual ‘Show & Prove’; such as… Medina’s (Brooklyn) Big Daddy Kane, Savior’s Island’s (Staten Island) The Force M.D.s and Wu-Tang Clan, Now Rule’s (New Rochelle) Brand Nubian, C-Medina’s (Chicago) Common, Erykah Badu and dead prez, just to mention a handful.

Brand Nubian – “Ain’t No Mystery”

The God Asun Unique a.k.a. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s seed – Barsun – reflected, “I remember my father bringing me to the Show & Prove when I was mad young,” to begin the on-stage performances.  He delivered his rhymes applying precision lyricism and similar energy and stage presence as displayed by his late father – O.D.B.

“Just cuz you’re signed don’t mean that you got money / this commercial life… it’s so phoney / if you ask me, you gotta make your own money / if you don’t get your bread of course, the rhyme is lost!” the young God warned.

Next up was New Jerusalem’s (New Jersey) Lakim Allah/Shabazz, who began his set with… “Peace to Allah’s Nation!  I’m about ta give y’all something that’s been missing from this music industry, and that’s some education!” – then went into his inspiring “Black Is Back”, followed by droppin’ heavy sciences contained within 120Degrees through his clear, precise rhymes…

“See a lot of snakes try to get shifty, that’s why we make’em study from 35 to 50 / I’m on an actual high and elevation, I came into the realization through meditation / the emancipation proclamation said that we were free / but that’s another inter-orientation1.”

Before completing his performance, he announced… “About to keep giving it to y’all, cuz they need some education out there in the music industry, it’s definitely what they’re missing.”

Then Now Y’s (New York) ‘Triple-Threat’ J Live a.k.a. Justice Allah got his opportunity to display his immense talents as he… first began spitting lyrics over his self-produced tracks, including the current single “The Way That I Rhyme”, even continuing acapella-style during some technical difficulties, then over the audiences ‘soul clap’.

Next, he jumped behind the turntables; spinning and scratching the wheels of steel back-to-back on beat, while simultaneously spittin’ rhymes.  Such an incredible showcase of unique talent, that it was definitely a throwback moment, reminiscent of an era when it was strictly all about the skills.

Killah Army’s 9th Prince and the Sunz Of Man’s 60 Second Assassin, both Wu-Tang affiliates, followed with their raw, gritty, straight-up-style rhymes, advising:

“Wise up!  We’re risin’ up!  Revolution music!” before going into their routine.  “I was born the Black Messiah / I was born to expose all the liars / my son’s name is Elijah / we got the power to heal the blind / the first lesson I was taught was to stop eatin’ swine.”

Finally, Lord Jamar recited “Here Comes The Sun” from his self-produced recording “The 5% Album” as the audience members gathered at the foot of the stage.  At the recordings conclusion, Sadat X stepped from backstage and added his verse to “Allah-U-Akbar”.

By the time the track to “One For All” began, Grand Puba had also appeared on stage – delivering his clever word play – to compose the trilogy of MCs which comprises Brand Nubian ( and  DJ Alamo and Sincere).

“It’s been a minute since all [3] of us have been to the Show & Prove collectively. I did one one year, then they did one… but we’re here together today… Move on Black Man move on!” Leading into their thought-provoking “Wake Up!” Puba announced   (In The Sunshine) as the audience lipped along and adlibbing “Peace God!”   They concluded with ‘The Enlightner’ the NGE’s anthem.

In the self-styled wisdom of Allah, The Father himself –

“Protect the child.  Show him where if he doesn’t do right, he is going to jail.  Just like Muslims, I’m not against anyone, but they are really teaching their children not to smoke, drink or do anything to inquire other people to follow their standards.

I don’t teach the child not to smoke.  I teach him to get the understanding, what?, of it.  The wealth of a country is in the children, not the money!  And if you don’t keep the young people strong how are you going to win?”

Brand Nubian – “Wake Up”

To support the campaign to co-name between 126th-127th Sts, along ACPJ Blvd. – “Allah, The Father’s way” contact [email protected] or P.O. Box 1295 NY, NY 10027.

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