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Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron announces the emergence of the new “Freedom Party” and severs ties with the Democrats as he runs for Governor.

Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron declares:  “It’s our time!  The time is now!”

“We say emphatically – ‘We are the newly established Freedom Party!’  Tactically, we’re going to get 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot, we’re going to get 50,000 votes and we’ll be a recognized state party on the ballot – but, that’s not going to be what make us a party…  We are a party today, right now, as we stand here this afternoon!” – the self-proclaimed ‘rebel with a cause’ determined during last Thursday’s noontime press-conference at Brooklyn’s Sister’s Place.

The meeting with the media was scheduled to publicly announce the emergence and participation of his newly formed ‘Freedom Party’ in this year’s upcoming New York gubernatorial elections, as he plans to oppose what he calls the “Republicrats.”

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Other seminars soon followed, including at that Saturday’s monthly Operation P.O.W.E.R. get-together.

By severing ties to the political group which is depicted by a jackass as its mascot, choosing instead to be independent within the confines of the very same political system, and being represented by the Pan-AfriKan: Red, Black & Green flag – Barron and comrades are setting a new precedent – in similar fashion as another famed Brooklynite politician, Shirley Chisolm did in 1972 – as they raise the stakes and continue to bring ‘Power To The People’ through politics.

“Because we have to play by the rules of the state and federal government, that there is a process by which you go to establish a [political] party, that is what we are in the process of doing,” verified Viola Plummer – the current campaign’s co-chair.

According to the Brooklyn-based Councilman… “In order to form the party, it is necessary to run a gubernatorial candidate.”

His wife, Assembly Woman Inez Barron added:

“It [the Freedom Party] is in the tradition of so many great people who understand that we need to have a mechanism beyond what’s [already] established, because the establishment oftentimes neglects us, wants us to be silent in our oppression, and does not provide a platform for us to go ahead and make sure that the issues that affects us as a people are recognized and responded to.”

The other co-chair of the Freedom Party, the experienced Jitu Weusi advocated:

“We are urging people all over the state of N.Y. to get behind and support this effort, to get on board the freedom train.  We think that the time, historically, is correct.  We know that we have a champion in fighting for our people as the leader of this party.”

While the outspoken original Black Panther Party member has garnered mass support from many grassroots movements throughout the metropolitan area, as well as beyond, he has also encountered much opposition from others who conform to the pressing demands of the powers-that-be who presently dictate the system, as well as from those who wish to maintain a stronghold within this capitalist society.

“I think the Freedom Party is an idea that corresponds to the realities and necessities of Black people in 2010,” expressed December 12th Movement’s attorney-at-war, Roger Wareham. “We are in a very precarious position and we should develop an agenda to defend our interests locally, nationally and globally.”

Almost 2 years after the selection of the U.S.’ first Amerikkkanized-Afrikan President, Mr. Inez Barron – as he likes to be addressed as at times – explains a few of the reasoning for   establishing the Freedom Party:

“The Democratic Party has taken us for granted… the Republicans have ignored us… the white-left parties have abused us… so today, we stand saying that it’s time for us to be for us, and be a self-determining people!  A vote for this party is a vote for our dignity, for our self-respect, our self-determination.  We are here to say that the Freedom Party has arrived!”


“In addition to us reacting to the racism and structure of the Democratic Party, we are asserting our right to self-determination, our right to continue the history of that great woman – Fannie Lou Hamer – who was beaten to a pulp trying to get some parity and inclusion for Black people in the Democratic Party.”

“[She] was disrespected by the state of Mississippi and started the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, and in the same way now, we’ve been disrespected by the state of New York,” proclaimed Barron. “The Democrats basically told you to go to hell, so vote for your dignity and self-respect.  Don’t be mad and stay home.  Come out in November and vote for your ‘Freedom Party’ and Charles Barron!”

The Freedom Party partially credited their affiliate organization – Operation P.O.W.E.R. – as being fertile ground for furthering their political aspirations.  The community-based group helps to inform local citizens about the political power at their disposal, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.   This information assists in placing the organization members in position to be able to address issues which are critical to the Amerikkkanized Afrikan community.

The valiant Councilman announced some reasons for establishing the independent party, including:

1.  Better ability to address non-existent employment and housing opportunities, combating    against police brutality.

2.  Directing government funds for urban neighborhood improvements.

3.  Providing better health-care and proper education for inner-city families.

4.  Additionally, opposing corrupt/inept politicians who many times abuse/misuse their power by… “giving tax breaks to the rich and taking metro cards from our youth and charging the homeless rent.

“What are you going to do when they don’t pay? Evict them?” he rhetorically asked.  “Then they’ll be homeless twice!”

He mentioned the importance of having a balance within the political arena so that the entire population is properly and correctly represented by the officials which voters themselves placed in position to speak on their behalf.

“My jaws are getting tired saying ‘white’!” he stated after naming off a few Caucasian officials and their ethnicities, who are in prominent political positions.  “One of the reasons that there is so much confusion is because the Black political presence is not what it has been.  Don’t call us racist when we point out racism!”


“People think that because we elected Barack Obama President of the United States of America, that everything else could be white.  We’re saying that a Black President doesn’t end racism, it doesn’t assure that the 50% unemployment of Black men in New York state will no longer happen.  Having a Black President doesn’t mean that foreclosures will no longer happen in our communities.”

“This party is going to be a champion for the people.  This party is going to say to the state– ‘No longer will you be able to take us for granted!’  We, in the Freedom Party, are saying that we’re going to run candidates and gain our respect, and when it’s all said and done, the masses in our neighborhoods will make the history!  A vote for this party is a vote for our dignity for our self-respect, our self-determination.  We are here to say that the Freedom Party has arrived!”

The Freedom Party looks forward to opposing Andrew Cuomo’s all-Caucasoid counsel, who has already been selected by the mainstream-media prior to the actual elections even beginning.

“Mario [Andrew’s father], was the king of the Prison Industrial Complex!  After he got in office he built more prisons than any other governor in the history of NY State!” the self-described ‘elected-activist’ revealed.  “Andrew, when he was with Help Homes Inc, a profit-making group which preys, p-r-e-y, on  our communities to build “affordable housing”; we had to march and demonstrate to make sure they gave a couple hundred dollars for youth programs.

When he was in H.U.D., some people say that his incompetency there led to the housing crisis we’ve had.  So what’s this coronation of Andrew Cuomo?  Why would Black leadership in this state coronate him when he has done nothing for us?”

“We’re making political history!  A few years from now, you’ll be asked, ‘Where you there when the Freedom Party was established?  What role did you play?’” Barron predicts.

Holding up a copy of the hours-young Amsterdam News, with a reflection of himself at his office, gracing the cover, he concluded:

“We’re honored to accept this challenge in the name and spirit of our brother El Hajj Malik El Shabazz/Malcolm X.  We accept this challenge in the name of Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey – who said: “Forward forever!  Backwards never!”

He quoted in Garvey’s own words:  “Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will!”

Petitioning for the Freedom Party begins July 6th, continuing through August 8th.  Operation P.O.W.E.R. meets at 2PM, every 3rd Saturday of each month at Brooklyn’s House of the Lord Church (415 Atlantic Ave.).

Contact: [email protected].

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