Fetty Wap: Nah, not after the first time. After that, growing up around certain people…everybody knew me; called me “One-Eye Willie” or whatever. And the high school [I went to] was bad anyway so we was fighting about other stuff [Laughs]. It never bothered me like that. After while, I started making jokes about it to. And then I got tired of wearing the prosthesis and when I took it out, it just felt more comfortable. When I used to wear it, people thought I was cross-eyed or retarded. Now, I feel that it doesn’t matter what I look like it, that’s not my problem. That’s how I feel about that.

HHW: What’s Paterson like?

Fetty Wap: Every city got a different hood and as you know some hoods are worst than others. I just…grew up in a bad hood [Laughs]. 12th and 22nd [Street], we call it Harlem. We called it that because we getting money. It’s long story [Laughs].

HHW: Understandably everybody wants to talk about “Trap Queen” but what’s the big picture of your movement?

Fetty Wap: We’re definitely dropping an album by the end of the year and the RGF will be following shortly after. There’s a lot of us too! When I call my mom and tell her to quit her job is when I know it’s real.

HHW: Does success and fame bug you out at all?

Fetty Wap: For real, I just be chillin’. I do the shows and just work. It don’t be the cameras and the media that makes it seem like I’m famous. To see people who actually know and recognize me…that’s the the part that be making me say, ‘Damn, is this real?” It’s the fans that I thought that would never ever know my music that hit me in the street like, ‘Yo! it’s you!”


“Trap Queen”


“My Way”

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