HHW: How do you see your music impacting life and cultuer years down the line?

Fetty Wap: Right now, I do my music for the moment. Whatever I feel on the beat that’s how I do it right then and there. So whatever happens in the future, it just happens I guess.

HHW: What kind of emotions do you expect fans to have with this “Trap&B”?

Fetty Wap: It’s just gonna make them feel good. Like, I get different reactions from people telling me how it makes them feel. That’s what music’s about. When I made “Trap Queen,” I made it for somebody [in particular] but I didn’t want it be all sad, because I’m not a sad type of person. When we listen to my music…we just want to have fun. So most of the songs that I make, even if you don’t know the words, I just want you to vibe out. For the fellas who don’t really like to dance, I make the trap music songs too. I got the help of my squad–the Remy Boyz and it just works out.

HHW: You broke into an echelon that most artists releasing their music onto the Internet never get invited into. While we’re not saying you made it yet; but when was the moment that you knew that your career was really building?

Fetty Wap: Honestly, and I just had this discussion with my manager Danny Su and the rest of the Remy Boyz. This right here is when it all starts and we really start working. What we were trying to do, we got to the point where we got stuck because the music was doing so good and the numbers keep going so high, we didn’t know what else to do. And then we knew it wasn’t time to just sit here. Even right now we’re still working. I just don’t stop.

HHW: You still get to enjoy right?

Fetty Wap: Oh, definitely. The experiences…that’s when we have our fun. We definitely do get to see Los Angeles beaches every day. It’s just a blessing and I can’t even call this a job.

HHW: O.K. so the left eye. It’s obviously something you’re not ashamed of. Especially with the girls on Instagram. Would you say before Fetty Wap was a household name, did you get hardened trying to defend it?

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