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Squat & Squint meme

Source: Twitter/@Solo_Kalin / Twitter

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 5, 2018:

Black Twitter is still good making memes go viral. The latest is the squat & squint meme, and it’s hilarious.

“Black Twitter” has no chill. Public relations gaffes become nightmares, and righteous indignation rains down on violators 140 characters at a time. When the right mix of a photograph, opportunity, and the collective snark of thousands meet, it’s meme time.

While they should never be meant to take the place of real activism, some issues are so insane you just have to enjoy the laugh and keep scrolling. The origins of “Black Twitter’s” favorite memes are hilarious, sometimes unknown, and even wholly unrelated to some of their uses. None of which makes them any less effective.

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