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First One Direction breaks up, then Kanye West and Dame Dash make up and now they have to wake up to more bullsh*t.

After revealing their joint plans for movies, especially the first-born Loisaidas series, the two former Roc Boys have been accused of jacking the name of a Latin music group.

Reports TMZ:

A member of a Latin musical group claims Kanye West and Damon Dash shamelessly ripped him off by stealing the group’s name and tarnishing it to boot, and now he’s taking them to court.

“Loisaidas” is a Latin musical duo that’s been kicking around NYC since 2008. “Loisaidas” — a slang term for the Lower East Side — is also the name of a new movie executive produced by Kanye and Damon.

Kanye and Damon just recently reunited after their days together at the old Roc-A-Fella Records, and they decided to collaborate on the movie.

“Loisaidas” singer Michael Medina believes the movie tarnishes his brand because it promotes murder, violence, and drug sales.

Medina wants a judge to halt the project and sock them with damages.

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Photo: Instagram/Dame Dash

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