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Life comes at you fast. Plies, who titled two of his albums Da REAList and Goon Affiliated, looked like anything but, after he was body slammed off stage at a Tallahassee show on Friday night (April 3).

This was a suplex of epic proportions, one that Mr. Perfect would give two thumbs up. A rowdy attendee at the club show, sporting white jeans no less, was apparently kicked out the club for being belligerent. At Plies request, he was brought to the stage instead to discuss why he was so erratic.

As you can see, the man was not in a talking mood. “Aye bruh, listen though. We too close to be two ni**as. We too close now,” were the rapper’s final words. And then, flash, boom; it was a done deal.

Nothing stood in tact but Plies’ hat. See footage below. Tweets can be found on the next page.

Photo: Instagram

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