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So, this is what it has come to?

Last March, Young Thug told the world that his debut album would be titled Carter 6, in reference to Lil Wayne’s album series that had a massive influence on his rap career. But nobody really thought he would follow through with it, right? After the public fallout between Weezy F. Baby and his “daddy,” Bryan “Birdman” Williams, the mere thought of the rambunctious web of deceit and high levels of Stan-age should have caused Young Thug to pause for once in his life.

“Young Thug isn’t in the game to establish any sort of longevity.”

But, alas, a butt ass nekkid Thugger popped up with a peculiar look on his face and covering his junk on the official Carter 6 artwork.

Just go ahead and hold onto that image for a moment.

This is really happening and, more importantly, this is what drugs look and sound like when they take human form. But let’s take a step back and try to make sense out of Young Thug’s swift—and baffling—ascent, which leads me to believe that Young Thug’s relevance after the album drops will only live in obscure rap trivia.

Why, you ask?

Because Young Thug isn’t in the game to establish any sort of longevity. He’s here for the right now and if he dies tomorrow, so be it. He’s just going to enjoy the ride whether you come along or not. And it’s about as bizarre of a journey that you can possibly wrap your head around.

Never mind the little girl dresses, questionable interviews and alarming, death wish like fixation with drugs. Young Thug’s obsession with Lil Wayne is one of the most peculiar things going on in Hip-Hop and damn near mirrors Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character in Single White Female.


Photo: Instagram/@thecamkirk

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