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The man who recorded Walter Scott being shot to death by a North Charleston Police Officer has stepped forward. In an interview with NBC News  host Lester Holt Wednesday, Feidin Santana officially spoke out.

Santana was on his way to work when he saw Scott and former NCPD Officer Michael Slager. He recalled that the two were on the ground but that Slager “had control of the situation.”

Slager fired at Scott eight times, hitting him five. “I knew I had something,” Santana said of the video. He turned it over to the family’s attorney the day after Scott was killed.

“I thought about their situation if I had a family member that would happened, I would like to know the truth.”

Santana’s video exposed Slager’s recount of shooting Scott as a fabrication. Early reports  on the shooting — before he Scott taken into custody — are riddled his version of events:


Police say an altercation then began between Slager and Scott resulting in a fight for the officer’s Taser.

During the fight, Scott gained control of the Taser to use it against the officer who then fired his service weapon at the suspect, Pryor said.

While en route, the sergeant reported that he heard Slager say that he deployed his Taser and was requesting for back up units, and seconds later reported “shots fired and the subject is down, he took my taser.”

The report goes on to state that another officer “performed CPR on Scott until EMS units arrived,” yet the video shows something completely different.

Slager was initially placed on administrative leave after shooting Scott. He was charged with murder, three days later, just as the video was published by the  New York Times .

Meanwhile, protestors are calling for North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey to step down.

Photo: NBC News screenshot