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Authorities in North Charleston, N.C. released the dash cam video from officer Michael Slager‘s vehicle on Thursday (April 9), revealing exactly what led up to the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. The video doesn’t show the actual shooting, but does show a peaceful interaction between the two before Scott exited his car after a routine traffic stop and ran off.

Several news outlets have reported on the release of the dash cam video, which was released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. In the video, Slager is seen driving his patrol car around town and tails Scott’s Mercedes-Benz then stops him for the broken brake light. Slager approaches Scott’s vehicle and can be heard having a conversation regarding registration and insurance information.

Scott tells Slager he’s not in possession of those documents and is in the process of securing those documents. Slager turns and heads back to his car, which is when Scott first steps out of the car. Slager barks out an order for Scott to go back inside his car. Moments later, Scott bolts from the car and Slager can be heard giving chase.

The video also reveals that Scott had a passenger in the Mercedes with him. The man has not been identified, but the Scott family’s attorney, Chris Stewart says he was a co-worker and friend.

Another family attorney alleges that Scott ran because of his former issues over being jailed for not paying back child support.  According to a CNN report, Scott owed $18, 104 in child support. There was a bench warrant issued against Scott over failure to pay, which connects to family attorney Justin Bamberg’s speculations. However, Bamberg still condemned Slager for the killing of Scott and called it a “completey unjustified” act.

The North Charleston Police Department has been mum on the dash cam video and other details surrounding the case, stating that the independent investigation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is still underway.

Watch the dash cam video of North Charleston police officer Michael Slager stopping Walter Scott below.

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