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If you watched the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, then you already know that host Amy Schumer got now for the comedy crown of foul-mouthed comedienne.

The big look was to familiarize audiences with her stink of humor to prep them for her upcoming third season of Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. With her name still buzzing, CC rolled out Schumer’s new music rap video for “Milk Milk Lemonade,” which is an ode to the female lady humps. However, there’s a twist to the madness as the video featuring Method Man and Amber Rose flips the script on the atypical Hip-Hop ode to butts and reminds viewers (and listeners) that the rear end is where all the nasty stuff comes out of.

To reiterate, Schumer has a rap video strictly about doo-doo making. Regardless, very few people out there would pass on that Amber Rose ass.

A YouTube user just happened to point out, “What I find funny is this song is pretty much what music is now a days. It could pass as a hit with a few lyrical changes.”

It’s a harsh reality that’s kind of hard to argue with. Rappers, you have to do better. Amy Schumer could debut high on the Billboard Charts pushing out this type of caca.

If you see what we did there, you’re sure to love the video. Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21.


Photo: Comedy Central