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Remember when Flavor of Love was trying to convince us that women were actually trying to “fall in love” with Flavor Flav? Well one of the show’s stars is back in the reality TV game. Tiffany Pollard (a.k.a. “New York”) reality T.V. career started almost a decade ago.  In 2006, she got eliminated in season one of Flavor of Love, but not before crying, fighting, and other typical reality star behavior.

After the first season, Pollard came back for another round, and eventually went on to a series of VH1 spinoffs.

Now she’s back for the first episode of E!’s Botched series, where people get their messed up plastic surgery fixed.  As you can probably guess, she looks a little different than the above clip.

Hit the gallery for some recent and throwback photos.

Photos: Instagram/YouTube

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