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Now that the Aaron Hernandez guilty verdict for first-degree murder has been handed down, there is an undeniable stir swirling through the Internet air in the wake of its aftermath.

Both the fiancée and mother of the former New England Patriots tight end sobbed uncontrollably as the possibility of ever seeing their loved one again was sucked from out of the Massachusetts courtroom. The 25-year-old convicted murderer told his supportive family to “be strong,” but the future is pretty grim. The first-degree murder charge came gift-wrapped with life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Hernandez hasn’t played in a NFL game since January 20, 2013, but the brotherhood in the league employs is a strong one and many current and former players have been actively watching the trial very closely. It isn’t being implied that they were rooting for him (especially if justice was to be served) but the emotional ties they had to the case were very well. As for his former team, they haven’t had much to say about the trial since they released him on Jun 26, 2013. At press time, they’re more concerned with commemorating the victims lost in the Boston Marathon bombing on the second anniversary of the tragedy.

While Hernandez’s legal counsel preps for an appeal, CNN is reporting that they will also need to prepare for three more trials (one criminal and two civil actions). He also had to forfeit his 2015–18 salaries, which totaled $19.3 million.

Check out the outspoken NFL players who had some two cents to offer the Aaron Hernandez guilty verdict. There are no winners here.

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