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After being outed by TMZ, YC of “Racks” fame–and only of “Racks” fame–is coming clean about the struggle-filled night before his wedding which caused his fiancée to chunk the deuces at the altar.

The Atlanta rapper born Christopher Miller was recently in Vegas to wed his girlfriend of five years, Tia Anderson, when his hormones got the best him and a bartender made him forget about his pending nuptials.

“The women went they way and the guys went their way. I’m out their gambling; we drinking and the bartender keeps coming, keeps flirting so I’m drinking so I’m like, ‘Alright, this the night before the wedding so whatever happens now, they ain’t gonna hold it against me,” he goofily admitted to Harvey and Charles on TMZ Live. “We was just enjoying ourself. And the bartender starts smiling and flirting and she says, ‘I’m think I’m your good luck charm. You know I get off in a minute?'”

Picking up on her innuendo, YC says he made sure he wasn’t get “Punk’d” when Tia came down and caught him red-handed. He says he ended up saying in a completely different hotel to let things cool off.

“We’ve talked but she still has an attitude because she feels like I kind of embarrassed her in front of her friends and family members, and stuff,” he says, speaking on the possibility of reconcillation.

Ya think?

Watch YC’s ridiculous confession below.

Photo: TMZ