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If the scribes behind FOX’s Empire weren’t expected the show to hit big like it did, then they surely weren’t expecting all the lawsuits being flung in their direction.

The biggest–and undoubtedly most bizarre new accusation comes from the mind of Ron Newt, who says the FOX’s Empire jacked his life story and turned it into nighttime television.

Via TMZ:

A friend of the Jackson family is suing Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels, “Empire” and others, claiming the hit show is a carbon copy of his film about his life as a “gangster, pimp and drug dealer.”

Ron Newt, who describes himself as a “known ghetto player” claims he met with Terrence at the Four Seasons hotel a while back and they discussed Ron’s documentary, “Bigger than Big.” Ron says Terrence connected to it, and said he wanted to play him in the film.

Fast forward to January, when “Empire” debuted to huge ratings. Ron says the similarities are more than suspicious.

— “Empire” … 4 drug dealers killed. “Bigger than Big” script: 4 drug dealers were killed.

— “Empire” … Lucious shot his long-time friend. BTB: Prince shoots his friend.

— “Empire” has a round table. BTB: Round table!

— “Empire” … Cookie goes to jail for drugs. BTB: China Doll goes to jail for drugs.

— “Empire” … Cookie is released from prison. BTB: China Doll released from the big house.

— “Empire” … Cookie with hat. BTB: China Doll with hat.

Ron has a colorful history. He says in 1989 he signed a multi-million dollar deal with Michael Jackson and Death Row Records.

As for the “Empire” lawsuit … he wants a billion dollars.

FOX News ran a piece on Newt more than a decade ago that appear to back up much as what he’s claiming but as for the similarities between him and FOX’s Empire? That’s for the courts to determine.

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