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Former Bad Boy Records artist Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman has been serving time in prison since 2011 after confessing to the 1993 murder of a man he shot during an attempted robbery in Harlem. G-Dep was allowed to leave prison temporarily last week to attend the funeral of his father and reunite with some of his family.

AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur sat down with G-Dep’s ex-wife, Crystal Sutton and shared how she’s coping with life as a single parent and raising her twin sons without their father around. Ms. Sutton shared that their sons haven’t seen their father in over four years despite close contact via the phone with him and said there was nervous energy in the air.

From AllHipHop:

They finally had the chance to sit down with their father, shackled or not I could see that they were determined. All that nervous energy seemed to melt away. They both showed him video after video of animations they had made. Visitors gained Trevell’s attention for a moment, but the boys made sure that their father stayed close.

Our time was up, Trevell had to go back. That one hour visit felt like 10 minutes. I could see the expression on the boys face change from happy to a worried look.

They gathered their items and we walked outside. The entire time I watched them and their expressions began to change. They stood outside for pictures, posing like they were strong soldiers chest held.out high. Just for that moment I believe they felt like any average kid. Like those kids who have both parents, like those kids who didn’t have an incarcerated parent. For the first time I along time they had mother and father standing.together as a family. But the voice came, “its time to go.”

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Photo: Crystal Sutton/AllHipHop