Besides vicious COs, or fellow inmates with a beef, Rikers Island inmates need to watch what they’re given to eat. Meatloaf at the NYC facility recently was found to contain rat poison, and 19 inmates are suing for their struggle.

Reports the New York Daily News:

A sample of the meatloaf preserved by plaintiff Reginald Dupree was analyzed at EMSL Analytical in New Jersey and found to contain Brodifacoum, an anti-coagulant that is marketed as rodenticide, according to the lab report provided to The Daily News.

“There’s no justification for rat poison to be in an inmate’s food whatsoever,” the inmates’ lawyer, Joanne Squillace, told The News on Monday.

The city Department of Correction is investigating the incident and conducting separate testing of the meatloaf. The city’s testing is being performed by an outside lab because the Department of Health was not equipped to analyze what appeared to be blue and green pellets in the meatloaf.

Wait, there were blue and green pellets in the meatloaf?

Reportedly, the inmates got sick and experienced nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after eating the meatloaf on March 3. They also claim they did not receive proper medical attention.


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