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CNN sparked public outcry after the network referred to a historically African American Greek-lettered organization as “gang members.” The group in question, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., is in fact a part of a larger society commonly described as The Divine Nine.

Following the Baltimore riots, an announcement was made that notorious street gangs Bloods and Crips had put their differences aside for the greater good and joined the protest against police brutality.

On Tuesday, as members of Zeta Phi Beta sat with poise at a Baltimore Town Hall, CNN anchor Erin Burnett made the grave mistake of assuming the women to be said Crips gang members.

“You’ve got the gang members right there,” said the careless reporter before her segment was cut.

There’s really nothing much to say after that, except that maybe someone of Burnett’s stature should probably take greater precaution when reporting for such an elite news outlet. Or better, when reporting on a people of whom she clearly knows nothing about.

But really, how far removed are white people from the worlds of people of color? Oh, wait… nevermind.

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Photo: CNN