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For all his stuntin’ on Instagram, Tyga seems to have difficulty balancing his checking account. A check he wrote to a lawyer for a little over $1000 for flaking on a court date—to deal with the money he owes a landlord—bounced.  

Reports TMZ:

Tyga rented a fancy house in Calabasas back in 2010, but fell way behind. The landlord got a judgement for nearly $90k in back rent. But that’s not the end of the story.

Tyga never paid the judgment, so the landlord filed legal docs to force Tyga back into court, so a lawyer could grill him on where he’s keeping his assets … assets that could be seized to satisfy the judgment.

It’s a safe bet Tyga’s deal with L.A. Gear, and his recording career, generates enough loot to pay his rent and not dish out rubber checks.

Nevertheless, his struggle continues.

Tyga, it seems, had better things to do, because he was a no show, which pissed off the landlord. Tyga’s lawyer then tried to mollify the landlord by offering to pay his lawyer bill for the hearing, which came to $1090. Tyga wrote a check … and it bounced!

To add insult to injury, the landlord noticed that Tyga posted on his Instagram — 5 days before the hearing — stacks of hundred dollar bills. 

So now the landlord’s out for blood, demanding he pay the full judgment, plus interest, which has now swelled to $124k. And, the landlord warns, if he doesn’t pay, he’ll get an arrest warrant because Tyga failed to show at the hearing. 

This guy…

Photo: Instagram