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The year was 2008. Barack Obama was just elected as the first African-American POTUS. To celebrate Barack’s historical win, rapper Jim Jones urged everyone to use “Obama” in place of the dreaded N-Word.

Call it a twisted moment of clarity or some more of that misguided Harlem logic, the self-proclaimed Kufi smacker was so inspired by the victory that he decided to clean up his vocabulary.

In an interview on 106 & Park, Jones proudly stated, “I’ve been telling everybody we shouldn’t use the N-Word anymore, we should call each other Obama.” Associating the first African-American to be voted President to a racial slur? C’mon fam.

Jim even went on to provide examples to inspire proper usage of the term. “Like that’s my Obama right there.” Even worse Terrence J. and Rosci failed to spot the incontestable jig and further encouraged him with a soul brother handshake of approval.

Fast forward six years and Jones is still using the N-Word and 106 & Park is now canceled. #Shocker

You can peep the video below.

Photo: BET