Iggy Azalea is determined not to let “Fancy” solidify her legacy but she also would like to duplicate its success. What’s a girl to do in these situations?

The answer appears to be to swap out an up-and-coming singer on the chorus and replace them with a pop star legend to try to recreate that vitriol magic. In the end we’re left with “Pretty Girls.” A record that reeks of everything “Fancy” sans Charli XCX who has been trumped by none other than Britney Spears.

As the world was being swelled with Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fever, the song sprung a leak and the Australian rapper returned to Twitter to try to stop the inevitable from happening on the Internet.

“I’m really really happy to see so many people loving it but i also just want to clarify its not an ‘early’ release its a leak and if you can … we would really appreciate everyone holding out until monday to share links etc if possible (i know its hard, I’m excited too!),” Iggy Iggz tweeted.

She also confirmed that she hit a couple of notes: “Also for the record brit and i are both singing the chorus’s together… i guess you guys aren’t used to hearing my singing voice :-)…saw some people missed that aspect, maybe when we perform it it will be more obvious hahaha.”

Spears also showed her appreciation for the opportunity by tweeting, “Thank you all for the amazing feedback on #PrettyGirls!! Going to bed now with a smile on my face. Have some more surprises coming soon!”

Well, the record is here which you can listen below. The surprise that Britney may have been referring to may the “Pretty Girls” video which you can see pictures of the shoot in the gallery.

Photos: WENN

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